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Litigation is the process by which a claimant brings a claim against a defendant for the breach of a civil liability. At Hector L Santiago Attorney At Law, we provide a full suite of general litigation services in Kew Gardens, NY to meet your personal and commercial civil litigation needs. For 31 years, our clients have trusted in our ability to protect their interests in and outside of court.

A business is a legal entity, and from inception to operations and winding up, there are many legal issues or business litigation situations that a business can face. At Hector L Santiago Attorney At Law, we offer legal protection in the form of commercial litigation and commercial legal advice. As a business owner, your major concern should be operating your business to produce a high quality service or product for profitability. Legal issues can interfere with this objective, and we are committed to preventing this.

We are currently living in a very litigious time. With the increase in awareness and knowledge of legal rights, the chances of any one person being sued or bringing a claim in their lifetime is very high. Civil litigation, whether you are the claimant or the defendant, can significantly disrupt your life. At Hector L Santiago Attorney At Law, we are committed to pursuing the best outcome for you at the lowest price and within the least time.

Not all legal issues or problems require litigation, and the legal team at Hector L Santiago Attorney At Law is trained and skilled in the process of dispute resolution. We believe in saving our clients not only time, but also money. We feel a sense of obligation to only use litigation as a last resort to resolving any legal claim. In the 31 years we have been in business, we have put the interest of our clients first at all times. Despite our best of intentions, legal problems are an inevitable part of living.

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